Interestingly, slow, prefer non-marking clothes Germans, it would seem little interested in the latest fashion, here lively ebbehout all the shops, stocking up on goods for the future. But if, gathered in the outlet, the average German family puzzled one purpose: to put a third of the price the whole family in a practical and high-quality things, tourists goal is different: to buy something special, exclusive, exquisite. Well, not t-shirts for 9 euros to take from here?

Large are not welcome. The idea shoper, shopping guide, should not only know where the store with the discounts, but also have the skills of the stylist. After all, tourists from the former Soviet Union, sweeping everything indiscriminately, even the sight!

Some buyers, going here, even feel that the clothes they buy! Some thought it was a discounted item with negligible defects, others say it’s vintage – retrogade released until 1970. Shapero have to explain that these outlets are not traded. Professional shoper can take an hour from 50 euros.

Here every day discounts and it is difficult to say which is better – to come at the beginning of the sales when the richest assortment, but the prices are much higher, or at the end, to parse caps, when all the best models are already bought, and the price but the bargain?

The Germans are known for the production of clothes of the big sizes. For example, though the Italians large size does not sew. Clothes to complete the Germans very restrained, but fashionable. However, in the outlets it a little bit, because it is sold in selected stores. In addition, the outlet is not designed to suit everyone and everything, regardless of size. His goal is to sell what was left.

Who didn’t, that was late. In some stores, the shelves are almost empty. Who didn’t, that was late?

This is the main sign of how popular outlets.

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