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The question, where to buy Goji berries are concerned today, a huge number of people wanting to lose weight. Why such interest? The fact that the fruits of the so-called Chinese barberry has long been known for its miraculous properties that contribute to normalization of metabolism, to rid the body of toxins, toxins and excess liquid, and have a restorative effect, simultaneously reducing blood sugar and “bad” cholesterol. In General, use of mass, but how and where to get these amazing gifts of nature?

Shops and supermarkets

In the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, all methods of application of Goji berries have been practicing for 15 years, so when traveling in foreign countries you can buy fruits in one of the numerous points of sale of organic products (it squeak modern gastronomic fashion the current time). Also to meet the desired treasure you can in the normal network of grocery supermarkets, and if you go to China, it almost everywhere.

In our country, unfortunately, is still the product is not very common. So in order to buy these Goji berries to successfully use them for weight loss, there are real problems. The most convenient “settled” residents of St. Petersburg who “undoing” Schengen go on weekends for shopping in Finland, where the stores you can often meet bags with Tibetan barberry little dried or dried berries that look nice and very natural. And what about the residents of other Russian cities?

Pharmacies in the offline and online

If you live in a major city, it is quite possible that you’ll have to buy Chinese Goji berries in the pharmacy. Only in a large network, not a small kiosk. In order not to run for pharmaceutical outlets, can call different places and learn about the availability of fruits, as well as the possibility of their order. Some pharmacies provide this service, which is very convenient.

Even easier to find out where and how cheaply you can buy Goji berries, Internet pharmacies. By going to the directory of urban pharmacies and having hammered in a line of search the search tool, you after only a few seconds will know who sells the product. You will only have to put the purchase in a virtual shopping cart and follow the instructions. As a rule, customers of online pharmacies are given the opportunity to choose the most convenient variant of delivery (closer to the place of residence or at all for the house.


The majority of modern people, who are watching their figure and health, often look in virtual shops of health. In numerous Internet stores is easy to find and buy Goji berries dried or dried form, and also in other forms of production – drinks and cocktails, jams and as part of various biologically active additive of complex action. Facilities such variant shopping mass.

First, you make an order at home at a time convenient for you. Secondly, Goji berries, and other drugs are sold at a cheaper price than conventional retail outlets, where part of the winding is connected with the necessity of lease of retail space and the formation of salaries of the staff. Usually all that is needed for Internet-shop – a warehouse Manager and several couriers, who get to shopping delivery to addresses actually less than a worker at a pharmacy by a qualified pharmacist.

Possible disadvantages related to enjoy Goji berries at such stores, related to the fact that consultants are not competent enough and not always able to answer all arising the potential buyer questions – range is enormous, and calls a day comes a lot. In addition, not all the shops of health offer the opportunity to pay cash upon receipt. In some cases you want to make a payment with e-money or a Bank card that for some people is not very convenient. And if to speak as a whole, so you can run on the Scam.

Official sites

Virtual trading platforms that implement these exclusively useful fruit is beneficial in many ways. On the official website you can buy Goji berries at competitive prices, for example, falling under one of these actions, when the goods will cost even 50 % cheaper. After ordering you will receive Manager and specify the features of delivery.

By the way, this is the fastest way to become an owner of purchase due to a developed private courier service or collaboration with a reputable shipping companies. Some Google even offered to pay the entire cost of Goji berries, if they did not help you, or you just didn’t take into account contraindications to their use, which had a negative effect on your health. On the website of the official distributor to pay for the purchase directly from you, no one will require that distinguishes them from potential cheaters.

Order Goji berries

The order from China

You can order Goji berry, who will arrive to you straight from China by mail, and buy very cheap. Why? First, there would be no “cheating”, which usually do intermediaries and secondhand dealers (just speculators). Secondly, the fruits are grown in this country and, despite the fact that local very much respect them, they stand as we potatoes – the rich, as they say. Convenience is the fact that many online stores provide the service tracking – tracking of the issued order, no matter where he was.

But this way of purchasing has its pitfalls. To buy Goji berries, you need to establish contact with the Chinese, and therefore without knowing the language interpreter or friend can not do. How else do you imagine your purchase on the website, dotted with strange characters? Perhaps you will find the English version of the site, but, again, will require language skills.

Those who have done shopping on foreign websites, do not get tired to repeat that once again do not have. On this occasion, even a joke because of trekking you can find out at what stage of delivery and where you stuck your purchases, but it will not change anything. Indeed, at that time, as our mail and herself-not especially friendly, international parcel you can wait for months for which you will lose weight and without Goji berries.


Nastya, 30 years. Bought fruits barberry the Russian site that sells only by them, and in different types. On the test I took red berries such as cured. Then for a change took cocktail. Not to say that for the price or the effectiveness of different variations of Goji berries are different – both times I dropped 3.5 kg per month.

Katyusha, 25 years. Order tool on the notorious Ebay and waited a very long time. Then came not understand that, but don’t lying where and in what conditions were kept. In General, threw in the way soured. Then did buy the berries on the official site. There are offered several types of farm, factory (both red and black. The first two types of nothing but the size and rates do not differ. But the last, say, a terrible deficit is already sold out, waiting for new deliveries to try.

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