Beautiful and well-groomed nails is one of the first factors that show the relationship of man to his appearance. To care for the nails should both men and women. Fashion nails, which I love to brag about the fairer sex, it is only for women, but any self-respecting man should also carefully monitor the condition of their nails.
Нужно ли мужчинам ухаживать за ногтями?3
Well-groomed appearance and the presence of style – these are the main points that affect the first impression of the man every girl. Well-chosen wardrobe, stylish hair and manicured nails can cause the seduction of girls, and then the guy appears much more likely to make a good impression. The presence of a manicure set for men will be very useful before the first date.

For many men is the usual view that quality manicure is a female-only attribute. This opinion beforehand is erroneous and pre-destines man to failure, because every man who respects himself, to care for themselves, and not to neglect your appearance.
Нужно ли мужчинам ухаживать за ногтями?2
How to look well-groomed male nail

Perfect male nail should have a semicircular shape with smooth edges. After each cut the nails need to handle sawing, to align the edges. Nails should not be too long, so the treatments for them should be done regularly.
Нужно ли мужчинам ухаживать за ногтями?45
In no event it is impossible to gnaw he nails. This habit has a large number of men, but she suddenly catches the eye and provoke only negative emotions. Also gnawing nails is a sign of insecurity and low self-esteem. The purity of the nails, and the skin around them is very important, preferably as often as possible to clean all the dirt from under the nail. There is no shame to use special creams for the care of skin.

Nail care is not time-consuming, so every man should give this procedure a little time.

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