белые вечерние платья в полClassic evening color is a sleek and elegant black. But sometimes at the evening Banquet dressed in black almost everything, and it seems boring. Against this background white floor-length evening dresses make a splash – they look the dazzling elegant, classy and sophisticated, leaving no one indifferent.


White night

Legend has it that Coco Chanel once vowed to force all women to wear evening black. And black color is the most suitable for eveningwear. Elegant and luxurious, the black color is very attractive.

But when black is too much, he seems to have not so expressive. So a woman in a white evening dress is sure to become the dazzling star of any social gathering.

Many people are afraid to wear things white because of a widespread belief that white look fat. However, white dress a good cut successfully hide the completeness and any defects of appearance. You only need to avoid too magnificent styles and shiny fabrics, giving preference to the noble draperies and vertical lines of the silhouette.


Fifty shades of white

Selection of white evening dresses begins with the selection of his color. White has many colors, and mixing them is not recommended. For example, if in one outfit will combine cream and white, cream will seem dirty. The problem is that it is not always possible to estimate correctly the colors and their compatibility when buying a dress: a lot depends on lighting. Therefore stylists recommend never to combine different shades of white, and even accessories to choose white colored dress.

Dazzling bright white color looks the most impressive. But really he only goes to his brown, tanned or white-pink skin. If the skin has even a slight grayish or earthy hue, a white dress will accentuate it and ruin the image.

Creamy-white, or, as it is more commonly called, cream color, has a faint yellowish-beige shade. This nice color is almost all women, especially if their skin has a warm undertone. Creamy tones give the image a softness and tenderness, soften the sharp lines. If you combine them with the Golden hues, the dress will look luxurious. And chocolate-brown decoration on a cream attire will help to create the image of a “sweet” woman.

Milky white color has a barely noticeable blue tint on the background of thick white. This shade is particularly suitable for blondes, it matches perfectly with tanned skin.

Pearlescent white color looks very elegant and is white with a silvery-gray tint. He goes for girls with a gentle pink blush. Dark skin, this shade can make greyish. With caution you should wear a pearl-white outfits platinum blondes, whose hair can visually blend in with the dress of this color.

Champagne has a mild yellowish-green tint. This is very noble and elegant color, which, however, very few people go. It can only be worn by girls with perfect complexion: pale skin from the neighborhood with a touch of champagne becomes an unhealthy greenish color.


Materials and styles

Lace white evening dress are a risky option, as the dress is very hard not to be like the bride, especially if you have selected the appropriate fit. Lovers of lace is better to choose a shorter cocktail dresses. For evening toilet more suitable for smooth or textured fabric, opaque.

So as not to cause wedding associations, it is better to abandon the styles with full skirts, numerous frills, flounces, underskirts. In the evening a winner will look narrow, slightly flaring silhouette. Effectively will look like slits in skirts or cleavage: these details contrast with the innocence of white color along and give a special charm.

Brilliant white dresses look really bright and memorable, but are primarily suitable for very slender girls, because glitter visually adds volume to the figure. Those who like this effect is completely useless, it is better to opt for a matte white fabrics.


Accessories and jewelry

Stylists recommend to Supplement the white colored evening dresses accessories: monochrome image is more appropriate for a bride. The most universal accessories – gold and silver, they are suitable for all shades of white, attach along the solemn and splendid, perfectly combined with jewelry.

You can also experiment with other colors – bright or pastel. Say, bright red shoes in combination with a white dress can be a key part of the entire image. Creamy delicate dress will perfectly complement the shoes and handbag in bronze tones, bright gold, pale blue, pink accessories. With mother-of-pearl-white will blend perfectly pale pink or deep purple shades of deep blue and purple tones. Champagne color, you can accessorize in olive hues or colors old gold. Milky-white dress “sparkle” in the vicinity of the ink-blue or bright blue accessories.

The white dress is better to combine with shoes pale and not bright shades, to not get too sharp. And powdery white tones, in contrast, is suitable saturated color accessories.

Whether to combine white evening dress with accessories of black colour? Similar kits look impressive, but are not for everyone. If I had to bet on the black and white combination, you should pay special attention to the texture of the handbag and the shoes – better if they are not made of smooth or lacquered in black leather, while suede or other textured material. So the result is harmonious.

As for jewelry, it will fit any evening earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Pure white color blends beautifully with all precious metals and precious stones. If white has a pronounced warm or cool tone, it is better if and decorations will be in warm or cool tones.

Dmitry Anokhin

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