белая туникаWhite tunic from any tissue than one year and not even one century is on the list of things we wore, wearable and will wear. The secret of popularity and resistance to change of tendencies simple – this model has the necessary basic characteristics that allow designers to tailor its images under blow fashionable wind. White beach tunic or similar to office shirt, like a little black dress, versatile and allows you to create a variety of styles.


Roman and ancient Greek style

Tunics were one of the first items of clothing for a person of that age, when civilization was still swinging in his cradle. Images tunics worn in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, is very relevant in our day. These models are not as similar as is often customary to think about them. The tunic in the Roman style of the new interpretation has hard, almost architectural cut, has short sleeves-tubes and similar area of the torso. Roman white shirt tunic can be regarded as a new version of the classic white shirt, which unlike it fits the body. What to wear a white tunic in Roman style? On the podium such models, the designers combined with tight leather pants, skirts-pencils hard cut that always creates original and innovative style in the spirit of the fifties.

Greek style tunic denies any severity and insists on the softness and fluidity lines. White tunic in Greek style involves decorating throat cut with gold thread and the mandatory presence of a thin belt, which is intercepted by the waist and which forms flowing draperies. White tunic in Greek style traditionally have no sleeves, and due to the presence of decorative elements, including shining parts can be combined with leggings, sandals and clutch with metallic Shine. This is an excellent option for a party.


White cotton tunic

In the cotton things very handy at any time of the year. Natural material withstands the skin, and with generic designs that piece of clothing can create a lot of fashionable combinations. White tunic in ethnic style has ornamental embroidery, but not to make his style out of date, you need to combine it with the super trendy items, avoiding simplistic view. As a dress for all occasions everyday life for such a tunic suit classic blue jeans, but better narrow or straight, and not flared, not to be like hippies in its original form. White tunic to the beach will be a wonderful option. Don’t be afraid lacing or colored embroidery – summer vacation allowed much more than on weekdays.


White knitted tunic

Mated to tunic can be applied very different, as thick and bulky, plain or melange yarn, and fine Lacy, which looks a real work of art. Openwork tunic hook, white as snow, perfectly highlights the sun, which has already gild the skin. This white beach tunic can do a good job, if you have not yet had time to sunbathe, and sparkling white body does not want.

Crochet white tunic can be with sleeves or without sleeves, but if you put it on a slice after leaving the water on a swimsuit in the period of solar activity, be careful – you can accidentally turn into a giraffe with dark spots tan all over the body. For such cases it is better to provide a cloak of pareos and white openwork tunic will be a reflection of your style, when the sun will rush to the horizon.

This stylish and timeless piece wardrobe can decorate the way not only for the beach. White knitted tunic of medium length, worn on the adjacent Mike spandex will be a good option for secular output. To it in a couple of worn long skirt to the floor, taken in hands a rectangular clutch-envelope, and the way secular lady ready.

White tunic hook it looks particularly impressive in vintage style. So, if you want to do this thing, take the example blouses worn by our grandmothers, because this way are viscous very relevant for Tunick.

White tunic spokes longer fit, and not everyone is ready to spend free time for such a long needlework. However, this method of tying has its advantages – it is more smooth than after work hook. White tunic knit spokes in factory production will save you a lot of time. Threads for such tunics should be strong and without excessive hairiness. It is better to choose yarn with the significant inclusion of synthetic fibers, for example, high-quality acrylic.

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