Beautiful and healthy nails – welcome decoration hands for any woman. No matter how many years was the lady, her hands must be in order, always. To the extent that they are well maintained, will depend on the overall impression of the person.
Отбелить ногти – дело чести!
Perfect nails as non-ideal, catch your eye immediately. The gloss and accuracy absolutely natural state, but the admixture yellowness is a clear sign of the presence of harmful habits, ill health or unwillingness or inability to pay attention to yourself. We’re going to talk about how quickly whiten your nails at home and always be well-groomed hands.

Methods of bleaching nail available means

Cause the color of the nails in order fast – you can. Of course much depends on the degree of yellowing of the nail plate, but the overall problem can be solved. No special tools not have to buy, the main condition is the regularity of the procedures. We offer 3 tools that will help get rid of unpleasant yellowness quickly and inexpensively.

The most effective bleaching agent is lemon juice. No need to invent anything and cook. Requires only one lemon, cut in half. In the pulp thrust nails and maintaining them in such a state of 10-20 minutes. The procedure is repeated as necessary.

Отбелить ногти – дело чести!1
The second effective remedy – tooth-paste. Nails should be cleaned paste an old toothbrush. If the procedure is regularly, your nails will always bright and strong.

A third means of soda. Baking soda also has a whitening property, especially in combination with hydrogen peroxide. Mix 2 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide with 1 tbsp. spoon soda you will get a perfect whitening mixture that is applied for 3 minutes only once a week and quickly returns to the original color of the nail plate.

Article publication date: November 29, 2013

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