Changing nail color is a signal to think about their own health and to eliminate the causes of this aesthetic metamorphosis. Most often, such problems arise from the negative influence of the environment, Smoking, lack of vitamins in the body and other reasons. If your health is not in danger, you can safely start whitening procedure nails of your own!
Короткая ногтевая пластина. Как скорректировать невыразительную форму4
Incredibly popular trend of the twenty-first century are t-shirts of the USSR. The combination of colorful colors and patterns, bright slogans of the time plunge headlong into the atmosphere of the Soviet Union. Definitely, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should pay attention to the trend of the season.

The most popular way to whiten nails at home are the funds prepared on the basis of hydrogen peroxide. So, you need to mix a small amount of peroxide and baking soda to the condition of a pasty mass. Please note that the use of metal containers is prohibited! Apply the mixture on the nails and within three minutes, carefully clean the surface with a soft toothbrush.

Equally popular and effective assistant in the fight against nail discoloration is lemon. This method of whitening involves the space and freedom of action, because you can:

Times a day to wipe nails with lemon slices;
Keep the nail plate in the lemon zest;
Immerse nails in a container filled with lemon juice for fifteen minutes;
To create a mixture of equal proportions of olive oil and lemon juice, to RUB into the nail plate and leave for a quarter of an hour.
Опрятный маникюр на каждый день
Essential oils are indispensable assistants not just for skin care but in a confrontation with a unfavorable color of the nail. Here the preference is given to oils of ylang-ylang and jojoba. Prepare a container with warm water and add a few drops of essential oil, dip the tips of your fingers and hold for 20 minutes. Also using essential oils everyday you can do the polishing of nails with a soft piece of suede, pre-impregnated with oil-based.
Что нового в индустрии ногтевого сервиса?4
Please note that white nails will be forthcoming only if regular use of a means. Besides, along with natural color for you to return the density structure of the nail and tenderness of the skin.

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