In the spring every woman wants to be the most beautiful, well-groomed. To achieve this not so easy, especially if you have a small problem, for example, with nails. Brittle splitting nails are no such snakes and rare. Many people experienced this in their lifetime. Surely, some wondered: why exfoliate nails, how to deal with it?

The layer nails will never be profitable to look at the background of mink furs Petersburg. When creating the image, especially with fur, it is necessary to consider all the details: manicure, hair, shoes, not to sell too cheap. If the nails are very bad and they cannot help it, try to cover them with several layers of opaque varnish.

How to strengthen nail plate

Many modern decorative lacquers contain vitamins, can improve the condition of the nail, its appearance. Is perfect fit for this manicure veil. It can be easily done at home. In beauty salons also can offer such service. It’s always beautiful and impressive.

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Salt baths for nails can significantly improve the condition of the plate, to make it more elastic and durable. To prepare the bath, you should take sea salt (sold at any pharmacy).

Lemon juice and olive oil will give your marigolds Shine, beautiful color. The cuticle they will make more elastic, making it easy to get rid of it.

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Massage with vitamins a And E will not only nourish the skin of hands and nails, but also to stimulate circulation. It will rejuvenate handles, and nails will be strong and resilient.

The reasons for the fragility of the nail plate

Strengthening the nail, it’s time to think about the causes of lamination in the future to avoid this trouble. To ensure that the nails began to exfoliate, your reasons.

1. The most common cause of this disease is lack of calcium and certain vitamins and minerals in the body. With the arrival of winter stocks of nutrients we are gradually depleted. By spring the majority of inhabitants of our planet begins beriberi. This primarily affects the external condition of hair, skin, nails. If that’s a problem. You can just drink a multivitamin or separately to take calcium with vitamin D.

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2. Psoriasis. Often occurs psoriasis the nail plate. Carefully inspect your nails. If they observed irregularities, grooves and roughness, we can assume this insidious disease. In this case it is necessary to immediately consult a dermatologist and neurologist, as this skin disease is often neurological in nature.

3. Bluish nails can indicate problems of the cardiovascular system. You should not leave it without proper attention.
How to strengthen the nail plate.

Lamination causes a lot of Polish, even more ways of dealing with this. Importantly, during starting, and succeed.

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