On the pens women always pay attention, but because they have to be perfect in everything!

Besides, every girl is always with envy looking at those representatives of the fair half of mankind, which are endowed with the long, with straight shape, nails. This is due to the feeling that not everyone has such beauty. Often, they are thin and brittle, exfoliating, i.e. only dream about the ideal.
Почему ногти, росшие правильно, загибаются?3
Every girl, buying a women’s magazine about fashion, beauty, relationships, increasingly sees advertising gel or acrylic nail. Beautiful must be all the beautiful women of the world, but without the perfect nail to achieve perfection difficult. But even women who had a seemingly perfect nails face that bent plate, this most often occurs when the nail grows. But why is this happening? Actually, this can be explained by genetics. Short fingernail looks, though normal, but atrasta, become evident that the area is bent towards the bottom, thereby form takes the wrong kind.
Почему ногти, росшие правильно, загибаются?
In this case, the situation may be improved by increasing or to grow nails in length, at which they will not scroll in a tube. Another explanation is that the twisting of nails depends that the nails do not receive proper care, i.e. the body fails to receive the required amount of vitamin and trace elements, so that the nails can grow normally. In this situation it is necessary to understand that the nail until the lacquer painting is not worth it, every evening they need to be lubricated with special oils, which will permeate the nail plate. Useful will be the salt baths. 150 ml of water (boiling water) need 1 tablespoon of salt. In this mixture to dissolve the fingertips to the nail stayed in it. The procedure should last no longer than 10 minutes. Within 2 weeks, you repeat the salt baths in a day.

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