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Почему ребёнок плачетMost likely, there is simply no small children, deprived of the ability to cry. And all the parents are strongly respond to a crying his crumbs. However, do not panic.

Because the cry of the child is the only feature that helps him communicate with adults.

However, it can be invoked and painful sensations. For example, if you have babies stomach pain, he could not yet speak about it here, and draws attention to the problem through crying. Therefore, parents must first deal with the problem, which is caused by the crying of a baby. By the way, if You need high-quality goods for children buy online everything you need can be at the best prices.

Hungry child

This is the most common reason that can cause a child crying. Enough in this situation make the infant to the mother’s breast – and the problem is solved. Because food is a basic need of the newborn, and he will remind about it at the first sensations of hunger.

Hungry cries bears in itself an imperative character, and may include hard movement of the tongue and lips, examining of the parties in finding nipples or breast.

When a child wet

Experienced by the child feeling any discomfort can become a cause of crying. Such inconveniences are the presence of a wet diaper or already dirty diaper.

Such a crying of the hungry options will differ continuity and monotony. As soon as such a reason for crying will be detected and immediately fixed – child calm down.

By and large, she should often check the hygienic condition of the child, and not to wait until the kid’ll announce about her crying. Also personal hygiene crumbs important as prevention irritation children’s delicate skin.

When the child is uncomfortable

If the child starts to feel uncomfortable (too close swaddle, tight diapers, folds diaper or service), he also start to cry. A child cannot be swaddle, as did our mothers and grandmothers.

Swaddling should be free, the child should have the possibility of movement and legs, and arms. If the lighting in the room is too bright, there is a lot of noise or fresh air in the room is not enough for these reasons, the child may also burst out crying.

Over time, any mother can adapt to eliminate the whims and crying of the child. Moreover, maternal practice will come and the capacity is already at the first sounds of baby crying define its core subject to immediate solution of this problem.

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