From time immemorial people knew how to make baskets from cane or rods, but only in the 19th century came into fashion in Europe wicker items of the interior, and in Russia began using large basket for transportation of various products. But with the development of new materials in the 20th century, baskets remained at their dachas, and metal and plastic firmly established in the apartments.
Плетеные вещи – экологичность в интерьере3
In the urban interior increasingly the trend toward the use of ротанговых products. And if earlier attention to the dwelling arrangement with natural furniture, now actively used wicker basket made of osier, bamboo or sea grass.

Since recently, the designers associate such products with пасторальностью and old, with a hint of the village motives. These baskets make in country style that adds to the interior and a touch of naturalness and cosiness.

Most often the wicker baskets to be place in the kitchen. It is clear because usually they are used as packaging, store and transfer berries, fruits and other foods. First of all, this applies to kitchens in country style, but not necessarily. Profitable look wickerwork and the buildings of the art Nouveau, by contrast with the cold of technical devices and discreet furnishings.

Use baskets best as sliding elements in the open kitchen modules. This book such module rack, and already knowing its size, choose a wicker basket. But if buying baskets can be a problem, it is better to do everything Vice versa, and make a rack already under the order.
Плетеные вещи – экологичность в интерьере
Often use some of the same small baskets for decorating kitchen shelves. Just to embellish premises, arrange wicker products on the upper cabinets. Original and unusual decision – kitchen lamp with shade in the form of baskets.

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