In winter, few people feels fresh and updated. No exception and the skin on the feet. To her the cold season need a special approach. Permanent pantyhose, uncomfortable, too close and warm shoes – it all not only causes discomfort, but also can lead to development of serious diseases with serious consequences. Therefore, the first step toward better health and well-groomed legs should be done in the direction to a good salon. Pedicure – here, the salvation of many seasonal ills.
Модный педикюр – залог уверенного поведения женщины3
Few know how to properly do a manicure and pedicure and the most correct knowledge can be obtained only by visiting courses manicure and pedicure. At the end, you will know all the details of the implementation, and can safely provide this service, not bad earning.
Как делать обрезной педикюр в домашних условиях?2
The procedure is finished and, it would seem that it is time to enjoy a well-deserved result. However, it is not so simple. In winter, the effect of the pedicure won’t last long by itself. Feet need extra care.

Save and improve

The first problem faced by almost every, associated with thickening of the skin of the feet. The main factor influencing this process is the lack of air created by the wool socks and thick boots. Synthetic fabrics also do not contribute to oxygen saturation. The lack of air makes the skin very dry, which subsequently leads to roughness. A pedicure does not always help to solve this problem. And if it helps, we long to rejoice. To resolve the problem and avoid it in the future, you need to use creams,
Что представляет собой спа-педикюр3
containing urea and salicylic and lactic acid. The main thing here is regularity. Daily routines will very soon give a result.
Что представляет собой спа-педикюр2
Another problem, beyond the pedicure – sweating. This case is also a good product – antibacterial deodorant for the feet. In the absence of serious, requiring treatment problems, applying deodorant on the skin twice daily will relieve from athlete’s foot.
After this integrated approach feet should be fine. Those who wear tights, there remains one problem – the threat of varicose in all its manifestations. Heparin gels and ointments and remedies based on herbal components will help to alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Those who are fortunate enough not to encounter this problem in the winter is to use a prophylactic.


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