зимнее кашемировое пальтоCoat of cashmere, as well as other things from this material belongs to the category of things which are called long-term fashion investment. It’s true, because of the high cost of such items of clothing is top quality, and subject to all the rules of regular wear and care for cashmere, you get a stylish warm coat that will be worn more than one season. Winter cashmere coat has excellent warming properties and undeniable elite status, because such a welcome. To this part of the wardrobe in our room as not one the cold season, it is necessary to properly select and care for her.


Fashionable winter

Cashmere coat – the same well-known fashion category as leather jackets, little black dress, handbag of crocodile skin and other definitions that instantly cause the bright Association. Cashmere knitwear more capricious to wear and care, while the coat of cashmere can be more wearable and less demanding, but only if the cashmere is not clean. On the fabric you need to pay main attention to when buying winter cashmere coat. From here you can make several conclusions, including whether you are ready to care for it properly and if you need this coat, or you’d better look for yourself another with a smaller percentage of cashmere and a big turn on synthetics or other wool.

Cashmere is the undercoat of mountain goats that inhabit the Kashmir region, situated between India and Pakistan. The pile of cashmere is extremely thin and very warm, and these properties, it sends to the products that are made from it. Coat 100% cashmere lightweight, very soft and warm, but can easily be deformed from washing, cleansing and other effects. If you examine for yourself the purchase of a winter coat made of pure cashmere without additives, you will not regret about your choice only under conditions more or less favorable climate.

Cashmere coat in the Russian weather actually better viewed as a coat on the output, for example, for a trip to the theatre or restaurant, but not for wearing every day on public transport. Also do not buy a clean cashmere coat, if you are going to survive in it harsh thirty-degree frost. Despite all the advantages of cashmere fabrics, severe frosts better to experience in the coat, and a fur coat or jacket-the jacket.


Design winter cashmere coat

Classic femininity, which does not deteriorate for decades – this is cashmere coat, proposed by the Italian house of Max Mara in the seventies. The shape of this coat is very relevant in our day and release it as the parent brand and many other brands. This winter coat can be worn in the beginning of winter, when there is no severe cold. It is without buttons, and has a relaxed cut and tied belt at the waist.

Cashmere coat with fur collar – what you need with the onset of real cold weather. Collar for coat can be as neat, barely noticeable, Alcoi in the style of the forties of sheared natural fur, and very thick and lush, which is combined with a cap of the same or similar fur.

Hyperobject cashmere coat for the winter is not only very important in 2015, but lets not be shy with warming, if necessary. Winter coat cashmere in trend over size especially stylish looks in austere design with a minimum number of parts and deliberate smoothness.

Coat in military style is not only well-known trench coat, which is worn in spring and autumn. Cashmere, both pure and in combination with other warming and strengthening ingredients, perfectly fit into the image of the coat in military style. Winter cashmere coat-military – this double-breasted model, insulated lining and fur collar.

Thanks to the fineness of cashmere fabric, even a winter coat can be transformed ruffles, asymmetrical hem and shelves, wide turndown collar, which focuses.


Caring for cashmere coat

Purchasing once a cashmere coat for the winter, be prepared regularly take care of him, preventing tissue deformation and watching the stains.

Cashmere is better to wash by hand, not in the washing machine. Always have soft tool for delicate Laundry items from fine wool. To wash cashmere coat need in the water, the temperature of which does not exceed 30°C. Not coat or RUB or twist. Dry it should be on a large towel, lying, exactly expanding it. To smooth wrinkles on the coat can only be special otvarivaya brush in delicate mode.

In winter, you will fall under the snow, so take care in this weather not to wear cashmere coat. If you are exposed to snow or rain, gently dry the coat in natural conditions, as after washing. Do not dry the coat near heat sources and next to an open window.

If your coat cashmere come to a spot that you are not noticed immediately, it is better to give it to the cleaning, especially if the coat is bright and contains a high percentage of cashmere wool.

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