зимняя обувьSome people choose suffering from fashion. They put a huge stud hard to wear, but this gives them confidence that they look chic. When winter comes, the main goal is warming, and then many items of clothing become inapplicable to this season. But if in your plans for the winter is not included frostbite, you should careful attention to the choice of winter shoes.

Invest in quality boots

Of course, cowboy boots may seem to you the most elegant solution, if you follow fashion trends, but there are many other variants of shoes, which may Supplement the various sets of clothing from skinny jeans to skirts-pencil. Carefully inspect the modern styles of boots: high, medium height, short boots. Wear a smooth thick tights with your favorite dress and a complete outfit beautiful suede boots.

Look for water repellent materials

You can always find boots that’s not going your way of winter heavy, but they should be well adapted to the season and to protect from water. Water-repellent properties shoes may offer special fabrics, and the chemical – they allow you to not sacrificing style, convenience winter image.


If you live in an area in which the crust is formed, you should take into consideration and slippery streets that you will have to walk in the shoes. Fortunately, modern shoemakers combine утепляющие and anti-slip properties of winter footwear soles, which perfectly match the style. Choose a ribbed sole and the heel or shoes without heels to keep the balance and feel confident.

Attention to the rich textures

Winter is the time to purchase shoes from rich materials with expressive texture. Remember that you need to stay within the autumn-winter season, this means that the shoes with open Cape worth leaving for the warm time of year, because of winter you have a huge selection of interesting and beautiful shoes. What to look for? Doesnt, suede, corduroy – the perfect choice for winter.

Five of the best styles of winter shoes

With such a variety of winter shoes, which exists on the market today, not always easy to determine what is actually needed and what it has to combine. You can have your favorite style of shoes, but you are not sure how better to wear them. Nobody wants to buy a piece of clothing or accessory, to then find in the wardrobe there’s no single thing, which it is combined. The same applies to shoes.

  • Boots for cold weather

Boots for cold winters can be made of suede leather and artificial fur, with the sole thin or thick. For winter, the most suitable boots with laces, created using water-repellent materials, nylon or polypropylene, with the skin or artificial fur.

These boots are able to retain heat and dryness, as the materials from which they are made, is well protected in the winter season. However, such models is not always easy to fit into existing closet. They may have a thick sole and wide-Shoe – two of the most undesirable properties for women’s shoes.

When you buy winter boots with laces, try to pay attention to the models, sustained in a concise coloring which will allow them to easily be combined with most parts of your wardrobe. If you decided to buy winter boots in original style, bright colors, then try to make sure that they are combined with some other accessories in your winter wardrobe, Mature in the same colors.

  • Boots with a lapel

Boots with a lapel – real chameleons, which today can be found in classic leather and suede version.

One thing that draws attention in these boots is their ability to change. Uppers you can straighten up, allowing them to move up from level to mid-calf high in an instant. A variety of styles that have these boots, is striking. There are flat model and with heels that makes these boots are easily adaptable to most styles.

If you wear high, these boots may be similar to military boots, but mostly they adhere to a more feminine style than the last. Boots with a lapel combine well with jeans, cardigans and free sweaters. Add a scarf to give his image sharpness. Wear boots held together with tunics or long shirts – this creates an interesting contrast. Also folded these boots look great with skirts.

  • Military boots

In the past few years the popularity of shoes in a military style has grown rapidly. These boots are well suited for winter weather, since they are made mainly of leather that protects the foot from moisture and cold. Military boots will achieve a variety of fashionable results. They may be in the ensemble with simple parts wardrobe, they can also be combined with original clothes to achieve остромодного fancy style. Military boots lack of femininity, but they can complement images, giving them special. Purchase a pair of combat boots with spikes or other decorative elements. This style of Shoe fits perfectly with the other original details. Wear these boots with a leather jacket and thin leggings.

You can take as a basis the rule of minimalism and wearing military boots with simple clothes like t-shirts and jeans, try to combine them with ripped jeans or jeans in interesting colors.

  • Boots rider

Boots the rider can be called one of the most popular styles of women’s shoes today. As military boots, they are mostly made out of the skin, perfect for the autumn-winter season. These boots are easy to adapt to your wardrobe, easy to wear as in the framework of the casual and business style.

Combine these boots can be with leggings and a sweatshirt with a round crew-neck – they give the original this classic image. For style business casual, you can wear them with a blazer and jeans straight cut.

Wear them with double-breasted jacket or coat, choose boots from worn skin for more careless kind instead of the models of smooth matte or patent leather. If you prefer the classic skin, combine boots with skirts. Pantyhose and a scarf that will allow you to create a stylish, casual look.

  • Boots with pleats

Boots with folds of the ankle can be of different length, and they more and more popular from year to year. These folds allow them to look more attractive, than the classic boots made of smooth leather or suede. Also they can be both flat and heels. These boots fit well with leggings or straight trousers, which allows to draw attention to the folds. These boots are easily adapted to women’s assignments, as well as to the elegant and feminine, and to a more acute. With the skirt they must wear in combination with pantyhose.

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