зимние сарафаныTunics are an integral part of women’s summer wardrobe, but there are winter and summer dresses, and an assortment of them possess a variety. Among the proposed designers sundresses for the winter there will always be trendy versions for all body types, including models for a complete, versatile tunics to be worn every day and nontrivial version, for example, similar to dress in retro style. Dress it is desirable to have in the wardrobe of every woman, because this garment is a huge number of advantages in terms of combining within a feminine style.


Business sundresses for office

In winter, the need for insulation is growing, and often office workers suffer from a change of climate to which you want to find new business kits. Business women’s Trouser suits or sets with skirt and jacket are not always comfortable for wearing under jackets and sheepskin coats. But the image of a professional to sacrifice there’s no need to purchase a classic dress simple silhouette.

Such tunics are made of thick fabric, you can choose the model with the addition of natural wool. Due to the variety of designs there are no problems with the selection of winter dress for any shape, even with the strict requirements of the dress code. Office sundresses are usually either black or grey, which makes them a perfect basic options that give way to a stylish combination with other items of clothing.

Throat cut round, square with pronounced individual straps or V-shaped, – choose depending on your body type. Under the dress is put on a turtleneck, wool top, hard shirt or blouse. If the requirements for brevity image in the office is not very strict, you can afford a little fashion experiments: a dress with a low shelf, and long straps will open the chest, which can be top with print or blouse with jabot, tie or bow. The dress can have small Basco or tucks at the hips, which make the area of the skirt fuller.

Buttons in office dress rather play a decorative role, as the belt. Visually the number of small buttons in the middle can make your figure slimmer and strap on the waist or lower on the hips will make the image sharper, giving it a finished look.

Winter tunics for office mainly knee length. Shoes for them – the classic boots to the knee or court shoes.

Women from the category of plus size with large Breasts for office, you can look dress with the smell, because the normal can compress the bust. To disguise full belly perfect business dress cut “balloon”.


Denim and plaid sundresses

This summer dresses for everyday wear, which have become classics casual. Plaid dress made of wool, grey, brown, red in the Scottish style is not only warm, but also to create a stylish layered look. The cage is very popular for many seasons in a row, so buying checkered dress for the winter will be profitable long-term investment. Small cell suitable for slim girls with smooth figure. If you are overweight, choose diagonal cage – her diamonds will help to disguise the flaws. Plaid sundresses look good in combination with cowboy boots as canonical impersonation of country style.

Denim dress as a model of natural denim, that is, from cotton, is also a pleasant buying, which will serve more than one season. Choose a dress made of thick denim with a minimum number of decorative elements – ruffles, embroidery, inlaid rhinestones leave for the summer. Denim tunics are very diverse in design, and you have the option of either staying on minimalist version, buy the dress with oblique zipper or longer model a spacious silhouette for full or pregnant.

Denim tunics can be worn with leggings or cropped skinny pants, together with footwear athletic type or army boots. And denim, and plaid sundresses in the winter can be worn with knitted Bolero or long cardigans, combining with bulky chunky knit scarves.


Knitted tunics

Knitted tunics indispensable for the cold season. They allow to warm themselves on the latest trends, because the Jersey of any type is always relevant in winter, just need to find the “flavor” for the current season.

If you are quite slim, you can safely wear sundresses volumetric coupling adjoining silhouette. For full girls better to abandon the idea of fit and choose a spacious extra long tunics of fine Jersey trapeze silhouette.

Do not overdo it with layers with knitted tunics, if you do not want to overload the figure.

The more expressive texture and design knitted dress, the safer should be the design of things in conjunction with him. Choose under knitted dress minimalist jeans and Longsleeves.

Designs to knit sundresses possible all the same as for office. Due to this, women can buy for the winter such models, which at first sight are not recognized as knitted and look very elegant, fully fitting into a business wardrobe.

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