A complete woman is not a diagnosis, but a special type which requires correction. And that’s clothes will help in this case. The correct way can easily hide all the shortcomings and to identify the most “prominent” parts of the body.

On the recommendation of renowned experts, full woman must give their choice of clothes, which is extremely simple cut and a minimum number of details and additions. But at the same time, outfits must have a hint of sexuality, because it is curvy shape since very ancient times was a sign of fertility and women’s health.
Женщины с пышными формами – одеваемся правильно!3
First of all it is necessary to pay attention to things that fit, and do not draw a silhouette. Skirts, trousers with straight brim, shirts precisely on figure, dresses with a beautiful, but not too vulgar neckline and slightly elevated waist – all these clothes will help you harmoniously to frame curvy shape. But from a wide dresses, bulk tunics and other free items of clothing must once and for all get rid of.

Strict lines

Overweight women should avoid shuttlecocks, ruffles and pleaserobme, as well as the abundance of jewelry and decor. Because of the numerous decorative details and folds figure will look even larger.

Little draperies

Soft, flowing fabrics (very suitable material Jersey), going well and stretching is just perfect for a curvy figure, all the shortcomings are neatly hidden from prying eyes, and main advantages will become more expressive.

Monochromatic color solutions
Женщины с пышными формами – одеваемся правильно!1
Choose clothing must primary colors. Bright, light and dark tones, combined with shades of precious stones such outfits must be present in the wardrobe. And here too big prints and stripes may unsuccessful combination to ruin even the most slender young lady, not to mention the ladies in the body. That is why from them is better to refuse.

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