женский деловой костюмWomen’s business suit is the first, what, in your opinion, pay attention to your partners. However, he in any case should not be associated with boring clothes, like a uniform. If the clothes that you spend most of your life, at work, not causing you the most interest, this is a big mistake.

Fortunately, there is always a choice in favor of a beautiful image of a business woman. The era when a woman in a strict business suit resembled “a man in a skirt”, is over. Finished with faceless monotonous outfits for office work.


Requirements for modern costume

  • Modern business suit is a work of art in the wardrobe of every business woman. The material from which the costume should be beautiful, pleasant to the touch. The costume should sit on the figure and be appropriate to the age, position and, of course, appearance. Individuality is one of the components of success.
  • The elongated silhouette is a guarantee of elegance and seriousness of your status as a business woman, heavy and bulky jackets not give ease.
  • The length of the skirt, usually from mid-knee to “Golden lines” – between the edge of the skirt and the knee should be the width of the palm, this is the “gold line”.
  • Classic is always in fashion. In the highest circles is always popular costume Chanel: set of double-breasted, slightly cropped jacket and skirts below the knee.
  • Another unwritten rule – during the day, business suit includes a skirt in the evening it is replaced pants. For example, in the evening you have planned a business dinner, you can wear trousers.
  • Universal version of the business suit for women suit, which must have sleeves, even if short, and a long cardigan.


The length of the skirt depending on the shape of legs

This rule applies not only to women working in the office, but also on the rules of selection of clothes in everyday life: too thin legs should not emphasize short skirts-pencils. In this case, the best option would be straight or even slightly flared skirt. Slim hips on the contrary it is possible to allocate slightly tapered skirt. Full legs and thighs look the most advantageous in the straight mid-length skirt with small side slit. Long skirts for work in the office is simply unacceptable.


The length and cut of pants for office work

Too skinny or too wide from the knee trousers are not welcome, straight fit is just what you need for the office. Permissible short pants and some models with small side slits. Currently, designers are encouraged to deviate from the usual clichés, the standard lines of womens business suit. Of course, sudden radical changes in the form of a female office worker should not be, but a bit more of women’s emancipation, of course, will not hurt. However, a woman should always remain a woman.


That offer global brands

This season, designers offer models that will never let you get lost in the office among the crowd, they catch the eye and attract attention. Updated style combines elegance, femininity, refinement and rigor strong and confident woman. This seems impossible task was successfully brought to life by designer Alexander Wang. His business suits with stripes for women incredibly elegant and even a little sexy.

Dolce&Gabbana offers women a modern business suit with classic elements.

брендовый женский деловой костюм Dolce&Gabbana


модный женский деловой костюм Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

It is interesting to note the presence of unisex style in the modern business suits – a combination of both male and female elements and lines. The costumes are very organic and modern combine male and female characteristics. For example, a fabric with a slight sheen, which is widely used by designers to create men’s suits became the basis for the creation of women’s business suit. The strength of the men and calling women formed the basis of the collection of costumes from Bottega Veneta. According to the designer fashion brand, those qualities must have a woman aspiring to make a career.

Special attention is paid to fabric – it is usually quite dense, sometimes mixed with wool, tweed, corduroy, velvet and leather. Color business suits next season are not new – grey, brown, blue and black. However, among the new trends should appear wine, mustard and Burgundy.


Business suit and accessories

The history of women’s costume will be incomplete if not to mention the accessories that enliven the image and add a dash of femininity.

Many believe blouse accessory. To date, however, the blouse can be replaced with a t-shirt, top, turtleneck or just wear one jacket that is fashionable, is not prohibited. The color of the blouse needs to be calm.

As for the decorations, they should be represented in minimum number: brooch, bracelet, earrings, fine watches. Originality in the choice of jewelry will accentuate your individuality and style.

Whatever your haircut is, short or long, for work in the office are welcome natural, well-groomed hair. The amount of hair should not be too large. Hair color should also be natural shades. Importantly, the hair was clean, well-groomed, healthy and shiny.


Makeup and perfume in business style

No need to remind a well-known truth that the avant-garde and extravagant makeup for business communication is inadmissible, and the manicure should be done in bright, soft colors. Makeup is better to use a palette of colors as close to natural color, nail Polish should harmonize with the color of your suit.

The perfume that you use, needs to remain subtle, subtle.

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