How often do we focus on the face, neck, fit and forget that the hand is the business card of every woman . In the absence of proper care, they immediately give the age of the ladies. Because women’s handles so many have to work at home, at work, in the country. Continuous exposure to detergents adversely affects the beauty of the hands, makes brittle nails.
Как правильно красить ногти

Therefore, the hand care needs to be given time not less than in face and figure .Now in the Arsenal of the beauticians have a variety of means to prolong the youth of the skin. Should consult a specialist – he will recommend a cream suited to your skin type. Along with applying a good hand cream, we can please our face. Secret key gold copes with puffiness under the eyes, smoothes wrinkles. The composition includes natural ingredients, providing antiseptic and rejuvenating effect.
In addition to health procedures is important to pay attention to the beauty of nail art. Modern methods allow not only to improve brittle nails and strengthen them. There are many techniques of extension.

What are the methods of building are there?

The most gentle method is gel . In gel natural porous polymers, they allow nails to breathe and grow . The fact that the nails are treated with ultraviolet lamp, to avoid infection. The gel is elastic and well distributed on the nail plate, resulting in its surface perfectly smooth . The nail has a natural Shine , non-yellowing.

The disadvantages include the fact that when removing gel nail file there is a risk of damaging the nail plate.

If you use acrylic, you should consider the features of this technique.

Advantage of this method is acrylic nails are very durable and, when to use qualitative material, its toxicity is minimized. Great choice in color scheme.
Жидкие камни 2
Unfortunately, acrylic coating does not allow the nails to breathe, and after a month, and even better after three weeks, it is necessary to remove the nail plate rested.. Such nails require prolonged grinding and sawing, if the material is of low quality, begin to turn yellow.
Besides the beauty of the nails should pay due attention to the health of the skin of the hands and feet. And if a hand is more or less clear – they are always before my eyes, the feet get less of our attention. Although their condition, often depends on the overall health. After all, even the most simple warm foot bath, relieves tiredness for a few minutes.

Definitely need once a week to clean the feet from rough skin – now for this there are a large number of scrubs, special brushes. Foot creams, you can also choose based on your preferences and health status. Very well after applying the cream at night and wear cotton socks.
Укрепление ногтей биогелем 1
Even after this minimal care, the result is obvious – the cheerfulness and a feeling of lightness. Of course, we should not forget about the massage is very useful the treatment has a beneficial effect on the entire body.
Options for the care of the body a lot, the choice is yours.

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