женские пиджаки 2014 Emporio ArmaniThe jacket is an essential part of every lady’s wardrobe like trousers. Jacket, blazer, jacket, become the basis for a stylish image, business and romantic, sharp, and bold in style unisex and graceful feminine with skirts and dresses. Women’s jackets 2014 combine rigor, romanticism, pragmatism and sharp style that will easily create the desired images with pants, skirts, dresses and shorts.


General trends in fashion 2014 women’s jackets

On the podium there is a confrontation between two major trends – monochrome jackets tranquil shades of neutral gray, brown, dark blue, green, and prints, along which denies the right for additional accessories.

женские пиджаки 2014 Gaultier


женские пиджаки 2014 Estancias Chiripa

Estancias Chiripa

Extra long jackets can successfully coexist with skirt-mini or cropped pants-pipes that used to be considered a style disaster due to the creation of a typical face image.

The blazers continue to expand the possibilities of combinations with breeches, Capri pants and mini-shorts, sometimes completely hidden under floors.


Jackets with a single button

женские пиджаки 2014 Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

женские пиджаки 2014 J.Crew


The style sometimes manifests itself in the most minor at first glance details. One of them – fastening jacket on one button, that is a massive trend in women’s fashion in 2014. Jackets can be double-breasted, but single-breasted designers in the favorites. These jackets can easily emphasize the waist, but not focus on it too much attention, moreover, only one button in some collections becomes a full-fledged accessory.


Long double-breasted jackets

женские пиджаки 2014 Moschino


женские пиджаки 2014 Viktor Rolf


Adherents business style or centennium masculinity in the context of women’s wardrobe should pay close attention to this trend. Jackets in a typical men’s style, black, dark blue, double-breasted, loose cut, as if borrowed from men (new trend after the “boyfriend jeans”) as shown in autumn and winter, and in the resort collections that suggests undeniable mass trend. To remove the excessive harshness of the image, which is supported by such models, stylists propose to combine them with short shorts, mini skirts or long dresses in light fabrics with printed pattern.


Jackets without buttons under your belt

женские пиджаки 2014 Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang

женские пиджаки 2014 Vionnet


Buttons on women’s fashion jacket may not be at all. These designers first, create a tendency to maintain brevity of the entire image, and secondly, together with other fashionable trend – style Japanese kimono. New women’s jackets that do not have buttons but have a belt tied either traditionally or as satin Obi, were shown in the defile Vionnet, Donna Karan, Helmut Lang and other brands. Such jackets is best not combined with classic trousers, and with a narrow skirts knee length, MIDI or Maxi.


Jackets with short sleeves

Short sleeve in women’s fashion jacket manifested in different ways. This model, which is rather close to the vest-the vest or jacket with rolled or classic three quarter sleeves, a little narrowed towards the wrist.

женские пиджаки 2014 Sass Bide


женские пиджаки 2014 Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Such models have several advantages. First, they can be worn in the summer, putting down a thin longsleeve, secondly, models of jackets with short sleeves, crossing the elbow, always make the piece visually slimmer, as emphasis on the thinnest part of the arm.

If you are interested in jackets with short sleeves, you will find them among a huge number of brands, in particular, in the collections of See by Chloe, Jean Paul Gaultier, Victoria Beckham, Estancias Chiripa, Sass&Bide.


Jackets with floral print

женские пиджаки 2014 Adrianna Papell

Adrianna Papell

женские пиджаки 2014 Asos


Who would have thought that after such a short time women’s jackets will make a way from fashionable subject of ridicule in the ranks of some of the most stylish details. Flowers on the jackets don’t be modest, and the choice of shades, the degree of fineness or expressiveness of the figure is as wide as ever. Floral jackets should be combined with a plain variants bottom, but not necessarily the safest black skirt or trousers. Very stylish and looks almost full costume combination with the garments of the same color that dominates the pattern of the jacket. The combination of lush flower “beds” on the jacket with shiny fabric produces a mind-blowing effect, which should leave nothing but black trousers or skirt. Women’s jackets with floral patterns can be found in the collections 2014 Asos, Adrianna Papell, Creatures of the Wind, Giulietta.

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