женские джинсы 2016Over time, jeans have become a familiar part of any casual or grunge look. In addition, as fashion became more loyal, jeans can be used even at business events. In order for this garment was not only convenient but also a stylish element, we must know in advance all the fashion trends. For this reason should see fit, types, colors, and other parameters that characterize the trendy jeans for women 2016.



Classic blue is no longer fashionable color. Starting today, each lady can choose the color you want. For example, in the new autumn-winter fashion will be almost all shades of blue, brown, green, white, beige and black as shown in the collections 6397, Levi s, Comptoir des Cotonniersи other brands.



Vivsim, Alexander Wang, Vanessa Seward, 6397 and many other designers believe that the best are the classic jeans. This is something that selects a majority of fashionistas. Such models are very versatile and can be worn for a walk, to work and even on festive occasions. In addition, the classic jeans suit almost every woman, this explains their extraordinary popularity.


Torn, threadbare and ragged

Famous grunge style reflected in clothing. This is particularly noticeable in women’s jeans autumn-winter 2015-2016. You want to be trendy? Buy any model that can be represented in the category of “careless”. This includes ripped jeans. It is noteworthy that until recently, these jeans would be immediately liquidated, that is thrown. Currently, cuts and holes are the peak of fashion. So, if you accidentally ripped or wear your jeans, don’t worry. Wear them boldly, and on the street at the moment, fashion not only allows it, but highly recommend.


Jeans with cuts 2015-2016

Exactly jeans can be cuts, not only on the skirts. In this case we’re talking about small incisions in the lower part of the trousers is probably created for women of fashion had the opportunity to show the beauty of his shoes.


Jeans with cuff

Known as the “boyfriend”, they are again on the top of fashion. This means that you can take your boyfriend jeans, tuck them at the bottom and tighten at the waist with masculine belts. And if your partner does not like this idea, not very worry. Boyfriend jeans can be found in any clothing store, for example, Paul & Joe, Red Valentino, 6397, Levi.


Flared jeans

Designers have not forgotten about these jeans. Despite the fact that fashion shows are not so much presented this kind of jeans, unlike “boyfriend”, flared jeans have a right to be considered as a fashion.


Skinny jeans

Rigid, tapered or skinny jeans again conquered the fashion world. More such models are not uncommon in collections from the iceberg, Banana Republic, Levi. They fit great on women with long, beautiful legs, and this circumstance is taken into account by those ladies who have certain deficiencies in these areas.



In practice, the length of the MIDI will be extremely popular this season. With this in mind, the designers decided to shorten jeans. Of course, brands do not recommend us to wear jeans, Capri pants in autumn-winter season, but a little cropped jeans will get huge popularity.


Suspenders and elastic straps

Elastic straps – this is another trend which is appreciated by fashionistas, who are accustomed to wear more practical clothes. With elastic strap, you can quickly adjust the waist. Suspenders are used as decorations, as they very well fit into the outfits in the style of grunge.



Sequins, stones and other metal jewelry, original inserts of fabrics of different colors and textures, straps, embroidery, large buttons and other decorative elements can of course be used in everyday clothing. As examples can serve collections from Fausto Puglisi, Marco de Vincenzo, Sonia Sonia, Rikyel, acne Studios.

It is proved that denim is the fashion for autumn-winter 2015-2016. Ladies who just love this garment, can enjoy a pair of jeans in a wide variety, the range of the proposed models of well-known designers, from the classic cut jeans to modern grunge.

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