женские лосиныLeggings with seams on the sides, thick, long, different colors – have become an integral part of women’s wardrobe. No pockets, belt, sometimes fancy decor at the ankle (ribbon, sequins, lace). Cotton, lycra or wool – women’s leggings combined with many styles. The problem is that they are not suitable for everyone.


Black leggings

Classic tights are simply irreplaceable. They are good as casual wear and for sports activities, such as yoga or Jogging. Black classic leggings look great in any outfit. For example, leggings, shirt red and black plaid, Chelsea boots camel color, sunglasses and a loose white t-shirt. For even more bling, you can pick up this image of a hat with a wide brim to match the shoes.

  • You can also wear black leggings, a long denim shirt, brown leather cavalry boots and a scarf-pipe.
  • For a more refined image of black leggings complete with espadrille wedges. Add a blouse of soft fabric, beautiful necklace and bag.
  • Another option includes black leggings, the Park, a white loose t-shirt, colored scarf and white sneakers.
  • Why not add black leggings a denim jacket without sleeves? Brand for casual street wear style sneakers.


Colored tights

Fancy leggings are a great alternative to a skirt or dress. In this case, suitable tights, sequins and beads. Way to complement a tunic, slightly elongated back. If you picked up the black tights, the tunic should also be black. If leggings silver or pearl, the best option would be the tunic light beige or white.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with leggings with a print. Leopard print tights or leggings with Zebra pattern will make your look fun and casual. These leggings worn with a skirt or dress with neutral colors. Tights with star pattern or stripes of bright colors combined with neutral solid top.


Black and white leggings

Black and white leggings, whether it be striped, or graphic print combined with the white color. In the summer, wear white, slightly transparent, long t-shirt and black and white leggings. Don’t forget to play with contrast of color and texture. As an accessory you can pick up a silver necklace. Sometimes the best accessory acts as lipstick.


Ensembles leggings

Leggings can be worn with almost everything: dress, sweater and boots, a long shirt, tunic and so on. The main thing that was covered buttocks. In the twinkling of an eye you can change the free way to elegant flats and a tee or high heels and a exquisite handbag. You can also complement leggings solid men’s shirt and short jacket.

Leggings are perfectly combined as with a tunic and ballet flats and with a short evening dress or a strapless dress. In any case, they will add style to your ease.

If you like a more sporty and casual, you can wear tights with shorts and ballet flats.

Combine leggings with a skirt. Importantly, the color of the skirt and the material from which it is sewn, was a strong contrast with the leggings. If the skirt with patterned tights should be solid. Conversely, if the skirt is plain, you can choose tights with a pattern.


Shoes under tights

The choice of shoes under tights is quite wide: pumps, boots, derbies, flip flops. Ballet shoes are also suitable, but if you have small feet. High heels make your silhouette more slender, while low sneakers is the best complement an urban way. Winter is better suited to high boots.

  • If you want to look relaxed, there’s nothing better than sneakers.
  • Pumps with leggings and you look elegant. A little tip: pick up shoes in beige, Nude or coral color, these colors are combined with all.
  • Tights and boots are always in fashion. Black shoes are more suitable for the image in the style of rock, but the beige are quite practical, they can be matched with any ensemble.
  • A pair of sandals with heels, leggings, loose and flowing blouse, necklace and elegant image you provided.
  • For the image in the British style wear tights with Chelsea boots. These shoes flat shoes decorated with a wide elastic insert at sides. Augment the image with a wide double-breasted coat and beautiful black leather purse.
  • Did you know that in Ancient Greece wore shoes with wedge heels? The wedge heels are back in fashion in 40 years. It is worth noting that the shoes wedge heel is the best emphasizes the female silhouette. Tights and these shoes is guaranteed success.


People fit leggings

Leggings accentuate the calves and thighs. That is why they are not suitable for everyone. Without any problems can be worn skinny girls. Full girls can also wear leggings, but provided that it will be a long, and tight black leggings combined with a long tunic.

If you have slender legs with curves at knee level or fat deposits on the thighs, remember that these flaws only emphasize the bright colors (they visually extend the legs) and shiny fabrics (they accentuate roundness).



Currently, along with leggings, appeared treggings, leggings in thick material such as artificial or leather. Treggings is leggings with buttons and zipper, pockets and details of the cut. They are worn the same as leggings, but are more suitable for the image rock style: men’s shirt, jacket, blazer or vest. More comfortable to wear them in the winter. Treggings, as well as leggings, more suited to the skinny girls.

There are also denim treggings that can be worn, for example, with a tunic. They are suitable for any occasion.

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