женские шарфыWomen’s scarves are long-fashionable accessory, which is very much appreciated both its warming effect functions, and additional color of the presence, which it colors our outfits. There are many models of scarves, with more or less large in size, from a variety of materials (wool lamb, alpacas, Merino, cashmere), different colors, classic or intricate motifs.

Choosing the right scarf can be a real puzzle, if we do not ask the right questions. What are the key points should be considered before deciding on a purchase?

For a season?

женские шарфыContrary to popular belief, the same scarf worn in autumn and winter. There are scarves, whose main goal is to not warm, and decorate. Scarf of the warm weather should be very light, thin and quite remote from the neck, that was not very hot. These scarves are often made of cotton, chiffon and silk.

Winter scarf, on the contrary, in addition to the aesthetic side should be enough to warm and soft and cozy, thick and bulky, the best way to protect you from wind and cold. Choose a pleasant and warm materials such as alpacas or cashmere. Fleece or wool lamb often more affordable price, but to touch it may be less pleasant.

Each scarf – your style

Style scarf is very important, because it can create and strengthen your image that you created using the service. There are many styles scarves: classic solid scarf, square, strip, Scottish scarf… the Choice is made depending on your tastes, and depending on the service, with which it will be worn. For example, if you want to wear a scarf with the coat solid and dark, preferably play on the contrast and choose a bright scarf patterns.

Even in professional circles, in the framework of the business style wearing colored scarf may be appropriate. Not to cross the framework of the dress code, try to avoid too bright colors, fancy motives. Also note the size of the scarf, because if it’s too short, he risks to look less aesthetically pleasing, but it depends on how you approach.

What about the prices?

женские шарфыOne of the criteria that is important when buying a scarf is, obviously, price, often depending on the material from which it is made. Most available scarves – cotton or acrylic. Quality they may yield woolen scarves, but they, however, are a very good alternative.

Scarves of wool, such as sheep or alpacas, of course, more expensive. They are more pleasing to the touch and better protect against the cold.

In the higher price category we find high quality products, such as scarves Merino wool, cashmere products, which can be a very good gift. The price of these scarves are often exceeds one hundred euros.

Finally, are in a different category scarves known brands, large designer brands. Those products are inherent in luxury and impeccable quality, but their price can be up to several hundred euros.

Now you understand that the choice of the scarf is a serious matter, and in the calculation should take several criteria. Meanwhile, we should not forget that the most important of them – the thing that should bring you pleasure.

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