женские рубашки 2014Shirts for the fair sex has long become an integral part of the wardrobe, as for the strong. Women’s shirts 2014 prove that this piece of clothing can go far beyond simple style and exclusively for the business wardrobe. Today with shirts you can create many combinations, changing the rigidity of the lines on the romance flowing fabrics and translucent textures that combine the most successful way with skirts, pants and shorts as his style, and radically different in texture.


Shirt made from translucent fabrics

Hard white shirt, it might seem too strict, and its crisp collar and cuffs are not always able to successfully fit in a relaxed daily life. In 2014 the foreground shirts from the lungs, soft tissues, in shades of dirty or warm white. Popular shirt milk, cream shades, for those who “also”, there are pearl and barely perceptible blue, though heavily blurred watercolor on canvas.

These shirts have a great advantage over the traditional white shirts – they are much more convenient worn and easily combined with a lot of things. Beige semi-transparent shirt in a minimalist style looks good with black trousers arrow and frivolous mini shorts on vacation. If you choose a shirt from precious expensive fabric, it will not need decoration accessories like necklace or pendant – even in the most minimal form of this detail will be the star of the image.


Blue shirt

Blue color designers are singing the praises of many seasons in a row, not a bit tired from the most intense shades. Girls, perhaps tired of the abundance of rich blue in the collections, but, fortunately, this year they have a great alternative in the form of blue shirts. It can be a romantic sky blue or rough blue-grey. Whatever the shade, this piece wardrobe is a great everyday option, replacing is not always appropriate for the occasion and weather denim shirt, in addition, showing an alternative to the previous trend – feminine shirts soft milky-cream shades. In contrast, the same warm pastel variants, blue shirts are much more girls according to different color type, they refresh the image. If the shirt is made from a more rigid fabric, you can wear it in multiple images, putting on top of the shirt or dress.


Long shirt-dress

Can a women’s shirt to play the role of dresses? Of course, maybe many years girls demonstrate how to turn an ordinary shirt elongated silhouette in a dress, picking up the waist belt, complementing it with leggings. In 2014, the designers decided to make the task easier in selecting the correct shirt and its combination. They released a sufficient amount of long shirts that can go for full dress and do not even require leggings or skinny jeans in the company.

The beauty of long shirts that they are suitable for any shape, for very thin and full. These shirts can be floral or ethnic printed in retro style, for example, polka dots, geometric shapes. Trendy long shirts 2014 have a defined waist, which is traditionally or under the breast. Basically, these shirts are short sleeve or three-quarter sleeves, which allows not to disturb the natural proportions of the body and not to make a stout figure.


Shirts with ruffles and lace

Femininity can be expressed in different ways. Someone sufficiently clear straight lines and translucent fabrics, other necessary details. Such items for women’s shirts in 2014 become lace inserts or shuttlecocks mainly on the neck.

These parts are not just fit with the trend of the year, but become a huge advantage for girls who want to visually adjust your figure. So jabot will help to visually make the Breasts larger, and the lace on the contrary, to facilitate the figure at the top, if necessary. The combination of hard lines and these decorative details, such shirts become the basis for an elegant wardrobe, but with signs of individuality, which is often lacking simple white or colored shirts.


Cropped shirt

This trend, which is clearly manifested in the fashion of the last few seasons and continues in 2014, the influence of the eighties and style sport chic. Last unexpectedly appeared in the silhouettes of women’s shirts, which are now allowed to open belly sometimes to the chest. Short shirts have enough expressive style, so you should not chase the models with other elements, reflecting the trends of 2014.

Particularly elegant, these shirts look great with long skirts, the soft flowing fabrics, with pleating. Also they can be worn with jeans, casual trousers in light pastel shades. Be careful to such unions should be treated in terms of the correlation length. If the shirt is very opens the belly, pants must be full length, but not truncated, otherwise the proportions of the figure will be broken.

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