женские туникиCould it be supposed representatives of the most ancient European civilizations that their primitive tunic going to pass in the Millennium to be in the wardrobe of both sexes? History tunic begins in Ancient Rome and Greece and, it seems, she’s not going to end. At least until, when eminent designers most respected houses are not satisfied with the small and already known, and create a new fashion, offering an exclusive women’s tunic its most demanding clients.

Since the times of the Roman Empire passed centuries, but it was Italian tunic continue to tempt women’s minds, the hungry interesting fashionable novelties. For example, the Duo Dolce&Gabbana not do in their spring-summer and autumn-winter collections without this subject clothes, explicitly referring to its potential buyer to turn the pages of history, at least by means of view models on the catwalk. Feminine blouses and tunics produced a huge number of houses, as brands with a great reputation and factories on manufacture of inexpensive service.


The tunic of the scarf: DIY

It may seem incredible, but the tunic in five minutes – this is the reality. For this you need to have scarves or capes of thin durable material. Take two equal scarf different colors, attach one on one shoulder, the other on the other. Pull scarves crosswise front and back, carefully smoothing them that they cover the torso. On the waist fasten the strap that will securely hold your tunic.

This is the basic recommendation of tying the scarf to create a makeshift tunic. You can imagine, taking as a basis of this method and connecting their imagination. If you are interested in tunica at one shoulder, hire one wide scarf, put it on one shoulder so that it completely covers the torso in front and behind. Attach it to the waist on the sides of the pins or mark zone. A scarf can be as thin chiffon and tight knit.


Where to find tunic

Types of tunics, which you can buy in the store, do not suffer from lack of their versions. You can pick things for everyday use, to the basics of office style, for going to a party, for a vacation or walks, going to the beach, choosing a different length, quality fabrics and decor. If you have no desire to wander between the trading stalls, looking for the most suitable for you, women’s tunic, the online store will help you. The main advantage of this part of the wardrobe is her loose fitting, allowing even women can safely buy a fancy tunic without fitting and fears that she may not be suitable in size.


How to choose a tunic

The question, where to buy tunic no longer necessary – these models are in abundance in any fashion live or online boutique. But to ensure a stylish way, must surely find a model for your figure, age and cases for which it presumably can be worn.

If you update your summer wardrobe, sure to look at the classical types of these models. Cotton tunic free cut with wide sleeves and interesting trim will be a good base for summer everyday way. Such a model can be worn with jeans and tight jeans, and with strict skirts.

Tunic long sleeve is perfect, if your hands are require to hide them unattractive top, full shoulder, exposing only elegant hand. Also, this tunic is good for cool weather.

Loose tunic is suitable for all women, as the thin or stout, but for each figure should be selected model taking into account its specific features. Bright tunic better wear women without problems with a figure, while the muffins should pay attention to the more restrained in the colors of things. Ignore this advice, you risk making your massive way in the upper part, especially when it comes tunics made of silk, which has natural light not benefit korpulentny the ladies.


Tunic for a beach holiday

Favorite designer collections – tunic-mesh, which can be worn on the beach and in the more mundane atmosphere. Such models look impressive from the outside, especially on girls with beautiful pieces, but before you buy such things, ask yourself, what to wear under his tunic, which does not leave room for imagination? Such things should always be accompanied by a thin shirt made of cotton with lycra, which will not attract attention to yourself, but will not reveal what you would not like to show. Choose form-fitting t-shirts shades nude. If you use a color model, try to pick up a lower dress in the tone for this outfit will look very stylish.

Mesh, perforated, Agur, transparency on the brink of a foul – all options for the beach. Light tunics should be an essential creatures in your suitcase when you go to sea. One of the variants of classic beach attire – the thighs tied pareo, tunic covers the upper part of the body from prying eyes. For a beach holiday is also well suited tunic bat, because it does not forge movements and not hugs the figure. Such models are often performed by designers in the style of the eighties, one of which – the tunic with open shoulder. These shirts can be both short and very long, but be careful – the abundance of chiffon in the tunic not make you slimmer, and may on the contrary, to present the figure is not in the best light.


Elegant tunic

Women of Mature age are often chosen for their clothes flashy colors or richly decorated with decorative elements. But elegant blouse not always need beads, pyatkah, because you can find other variants of design. One of them is asymmetric tunic, which not only look original, bold and fresh, they are able to transform the shape, masking its shortcomings, skradyvaya completeness. Embroidered tunic in ethnic style will become an irreplaceable base summer image for women who are not indifferent to the authentic motives.

Decor, even if it is a designer, over time, get bored, and then have to look in a different direction tunic, perhaps less expressive. To avoid this, it is necessary to buy the model laconic design that can be easily adapted to individual tastes of its mistress.

How to decorate a tunic in a minimalist style? It’s enough to hand enough cervical accessory – flat necklace with colored stones, massive beads in African style, metal pendants – all that you wear in everyday life.

Women who love the Shine of the accessories may like tunics from Italy, as indigenous women of this country demonstrate unanimous passion it is to such apparel – bright, bold, attractive. How to wear a tunic, which already has a flashy decor? Of course, to balance his absence in other parts of the outfit.



The young generation always has a point of view on the current fashion, its currents, changes and opportunities of combining parts. Tights and tunic for them – a classic combination that does not require discussion. It is enough to complement the image of a stylish bag and sandals or shoes-boats on a solid platform.

That is worn over the magnificent tunic except for warm clothing in summer often makes no sense? Such models are often worn with a vest, leather, textile, artificial fur. Looks great linen tunic with a vest in ethnic style. If blouse does not decor, you can wear a decoration. The tunic is made of linen perfectly withstands the neighborhood with a leather vest, wide linen or cotton pants or the same narrow skirt to the floor.

  • Tunic with jeans with this combination requires caution. We recommend to select classic jeans-cigarette length of seven-eighths with ballet flats or stylish boots on the platform or on a flat course.
  • The tunic with leggings is not forgotten the nineties, and quite modern reality. If tight leggings and minimalistic, not shiny and colorful, they are perfect sport tunic length of the tribe and above. They resemble the classic t-shirt from a thin sweater, but have advanced region and the trapezoid shape.
  • Long men’s or women’s shirts can be transformed, giving them a second life. This shirt tunic with belt looks very stylish, and wear it virtually with any more or less strict bottom.
  • Tunics for teenagers may differ from those that are more grown-up women. For example, the younger generation has always been indifferent to such details as the tunic with a hood. You can wear it at home, walks, meetings with friends. Looks good this model is combined with rich short skirts.
  • Tunics for girls showing elegant feminine, but daring individual style, made of soft materials and bright colors. The optimal variant for such ladies – woolen tunic that play a role dresses-sweater, adaptable to the realities of the harsh climate.
  • Sweater tunic of smooth fine knitwear tone deaf (most often in the transverse stripes or with application) is one of the most prominent trends in fashion, which makes thin ancient Roman or Greek tunic in a new fashion aspect.

Images Tunick continue to multiply as the number of their adherents.

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