At the time, even the Brothers Grimm recognized the beauty of the women’s eyes and performed the song «Clap your eyelashes and go on up». Yeah, long and fluffy eye-lashes can give a mystery glance and make sexual external view.

-Well, vooot thought that most of the girls, ” we don’t have such lashes. Do not despair, the owner of luxury and fluffy hairs can be any. Only need to see a specialist and build lashes. In a matter of watch, you – seductive cat with long eyelashes.
Женский взгляд: о наращивании ресниц3
When expanding the eyelashes, of course, are not vitamins, and chemical composition, so has its advantages and disadvantages from this procedure.
Advantages and disadvantages of the eyelash

Plus: nice and impressive. There is a possibility for a few hours build lashes without any extra effort. Quickly and easily.
Minus: the Procedure is expensive, and the lashes of Malvina» kept short. From 1 week to 1 month. After 2 weeks will grow back new lashes, and of course near it would look ugly, not well-groomed and not gently.

Plus: You can forget for a while about cosmetics for eyes. Ink tinted lashes not necessarily. To some extent you’ll save.
Minus: eyelash quite expensive procedure + cost of the correction. Cheaper mascara. Besides frequent capacity can destroy lash structure and not the proper care, it is likely that your lashes grow back again.

Plus: When increasing the eyelashes, recently professionals have started to use hypoallergenic means that increases the safety of the procedure.

Minus: However, for people suffering from eye disease: blepharitis, conjunctivitis, barley, should not get involved eyelashes build-up. It is fraught with the aggravation of the disease.
Женский взгляд: о наращивании ресниц
Considering all pros and cons, we can conclude that the eyelash not so dangerous procedure, in the absence of eye disease. The main thing is not worth it often repeat the procedure, enough 3-4 times a year.

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