What surprised freelance work and work outside? Home office – not a luxury but a necessity. That is why laptops is gradually moving from knees and kitchen tables in more appropriate – comfortable and stylish place.

The second «I». Cabinet looks like his master. He can tell in detail and eloquently about the nature of man, which conducts an active time of day. Therefore, it is not clear. How it should be. Interior design home office is designed according to the wishes and level of prosperity of its owner. In the design takes account of the individuality of the master: his tastes, habits, Hobbies, habits and occupation. Despite the fact that in the office interior sound serious notes, to attune to the fashion business and fruitful work, the motive of home comfort inspires and warms. Naturally, in this office seems easier and employs more comfortable than using standard operating.

Perhaps the most interesting solutions for home offices is the issuance of women’s offices. They noteworthy that rarely fulfill only their direct function. A woman has made a career as a rule, is a many – sided personality with a diverse variety of Hobbies. Sometimes office successfully combines the work area and beauty for receiving guests, and sometimes a sewing mini-shop, an art Studio or an exposition of a private collection. By the way, very often the personal account of part-time plays the role of a family library.

Then he and place. Always find a place for an empty corner in the living room or part warmed loggia. If a mini-office is located in the living room, the furniture should be of the same collection and organically fit into the overall ensemble, and ignore the workplace. Development of furniture for the balcony of the Cabinet requires high qualification designer-furniture-maker, since it is necessary to rationally plan every inch of the useful area, and take into account opening Windows. A small space of the balcony is compensated by the wonderful view from the window and the possibility to stay alone. In addition, on the balcony will definitely not a lack of daylight, and hide from the eyes of curious passers-by using such stylish blinds. By the way, they also prevent the ingress of light glare on the monitor.

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