Space saving sometimes dictates the most unexpected solutions. For example, under Cabinet directs pantries and even place under the stairs (it is difficult to imagine how one can concentrate when over the head of someone paces up the steps). As the office table use the wide window sills, and computer equipment (such as a printer and scanner) installed in the usual cabinets with shelves – if necessary, open and close the «office».

Classics of the genre. Home office can be arranged in any style and color scheme. Choice is unlimited – Baroque style, minimalism, hi-tech… if Only someone was pleasant to be and comfortably to work. But classics are classics – it’s always in trend. The unique atmosphere of eternal values brings the use lining the walls and ceiling of natural wood ( this can be beech, ash, oak, teak, walnut, ebony and mahogany). Classic furniture can be made under the individual order of the same breeds. With them perfectly natural stone, onyx and marble. Soft furniture traditionally upholster qualitatively dressed skin.

Offices can not do without office equipment, and therefore the variety of shelves for discs and other computer accessories unforgivable use for intended purpose only. Especially, if you choose not like at all, – as an option, in the form of mini-tower or bright designer. The walls of the room in a modern style beneficial complement the original posters and photos to the interesting part.

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