мимические морщиныJoy and delight reflected on the face, glorify writers and filmmakers. No one will argue with the fact that it is much nicer to deal with an open cheerful person, rather than with sullen and unemotional. But rampant manifestations positive, as, however, and negative emotions, there is another side. Wrinkles unfortunate grooves on the face, which does not depend on age, but only worse. Is it possible to prevent them and how to get rid of those deep wrinkles that are not painted skin as wide smile?

The reason of education of facial wrinkles lies in its name. Active facial expressions over time risks to these unpleasant consequences, but not all people have these wrinkles appear. The development and aggravation of mimetic wrinkles depends not only on how people shows emotion or holding back. Their formation is influenced by other factors, in presence of which the skin becomes thin and barely withstand mechanical influence.


Factors affecting the development of facial wrinkles

  • Active facial expressions. Many women do not even notice, as purse forehead or кривить lips under the influence of momentary emotions. Poor eyesight is often a cause of education by the earliest of facial wrinkles, so-called «crows ‘ feet in his eyes. Permanent squinting, leads to the fact that the thin skin around the eyes, «remembers» this position forever entangled first thin mesh wrinkles that, over time it becomes more pronounced.
  • Anatomical features of the structure of the face. Surely you have noticed that some, even very young people, pronounced nasolabial triangle, which appears even more in the slightest smile. With age, this peculiarity of the eye muscles and tissues leads to unaesthetic folds, which together with loose skin make a person tired and even predatory, changing its perception of others and not for the better.
  • Thin dry skin. Owners of dry skin more susceptible to the formation of facial wrinkles than those who have normal or oily skin, that is, more dense. The skin loses moisture rapidly, collagen strands «rushes» easier, leading to the drilling of deep wrinkles, especially under the influence of active facial.
  • External factors (ecology, weather conditions, improper care). The withering work of the wind, the abuse of ultraviolet and even cosmetic procedures with intensive massage and rubbing, lead to thinning of the skin, dehydration and, as a consequence, the formation of facial wrinkles. If all the other factors are congenital and малоконтролируемый, then in this case the formation of facial wrinkles can be prevented by ensuring facial skin care with regular moistening and the lack of mechanical load.


Prevention and removal of facial wrinkles

To monitor the expression of emotions on her face, to choose the appropriate cosmetic care, to acquire a good corrective glasses and more not to blink is the most affordable prevention of facial wrinkles. But it is not always effective, hence, the need to take more drastic measures.



There are cosmetic products with instant liftingeffect, they contain hyaluronic acid, extracts of plants, collagen, silicones, essential oils. After absorption into the skin they push from the inside even deep wrinkles, making the skin smoother. Disadvantage – lasting effect. Some tools are designed for several hours effect, others can be applied courses, after which (in a few weeks) the producers promise noticeable wrinkles.



Injections of Botox and Dysport» (lyophilized form of botulinum toxin) in just one procedure rid of facial wrinkles for six months. With their help it is possible to smooth out deep wrinkles on the forehead and in the nasolabial triangle, and wrinkles around the eyes. These drugs block the transmission of nerve impulses mimic muscles, which cease to fall, and wrinkles, in turn, are formed.

The disadvantages of injecting techniques refers characteristic of frozen face, which is especially noticeable when injections in the region nasolabial triangle. This zone is not recommended to do injections, preferring techniques with preservation of facial expressions.


Contour plastics

Wrinkles without affecting the facial muscles can be obtained for contour plastics. Cosmetologist introduces the drug (gel filler) mimic wrinkles, filling it. The result is seen immediately after the procedure, and after some time the skin is smoothed and looks more natural, since it involves stimulating the production of collagen and elastin with the acquisition of elasticity and youth.

The choice of methods for the correction of facial wrinkles – the case is individual, but it is best not to ignore the advice of a specialist, who will recommend the optimum solution for a specific patient, depending on the peculiarities of his skin and the depth and location of wrinkles.

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