морщины в области декольтеThe skin in the chest area is sometimes the most striking indicator of the age and lack of timely care. Conducting prevention signs of age on her face, women often forget about the neck and chest, and the skin becomes flabby ugly. Wrinkles in the neck making it impossible for wearing open dresses and tops, stimulating the appearance of complexes, which in adulthood and can be abundant. As in other cases of age-related changes, with wrinkles on the neckline to fight hard, so early on you need to make every effort to delay this sad defect.


The factors stimulating the appearance of wrinkles

The wrinkles in all, some sooner, some later, but this fact will have to accept. If you put up hard and want to stay young, don’t neglect simple tips for maintaining youthful skin, which tend to forget, especially during periods of active sun.

These factors accelerate the appearance of wrinkles on the neckline, and reducing them to the minimum, it is possible to prolong youth.

  • Total dry skin

A well – known fact that dry skin ages earlier wrinkles on her deeper and sagging vyragenie than normal to oily skin. Dry skin on the neckline if you have additional negative factors may begin to mordenites in the very early age, giving rise to a mass of complexes.

  • Insufficient care and hydration

Neck skin and decollete, you should regularly cleanse and moisturize. If you neglect routine procedures, the wrinkles on the neckline will soon be explicitly hint at years, dramatically and not for the better differentiated from a smooth well-groomed skin.

Cleavage suffers more from direct sunlight than the face. In summer, women wear open t-shirts, beautiful dresses, completely Baring neckline to the chest. Such beauty in a short time turn into victims in the form of dried skin on the neck and chest, which from the nature of thinner and more pliable than the facial skin.

On the neck and décolleté with normal weight fatty tissue is very thin, so the skin looks thin. Therefore, the present and growing in the body extra pounds almost always deform the skin of the neck and décolleté even at a relatively young age. The fabric of this area become heavier, and under the influence of trivial gravity and routine movements of the neck, the skin begins mordenite showing on the site of the former smoothness laxity and blurring fat rolls.

  • Daily habits

The manifestation of emotions leaves on the face wrinkles, is similar with cleavage, but it is not mimicry, but in a bad daily habits. If you sleep on a high pillow, or read, leaning back on something, her head down, there is nothing surprising in the fact that there will be wrinkles in the neck.


Prevention of wrinkles on the neck

To remove wrinkles in the neck harder than to prevent the appearance of sagging. Important at the initial stage is to minimize all factors causing their. That is, daily use of a moisturizer, not limited to the face, to protect this area from direct sun, apply funds from SPF, gently massage the skin in the morning and evening, rubbing cosmetics with a lifting effect. When performing massage, you need to work hands very carefully, as well as to elongate the neck, throwing his head back for better comfort. The skin in the chest area is thin and easily subject to deformation, so if you will hold to the prevention, harm may be more than they help.

Contrasting compresses can be a great preventative method to delay wrinkles on the neckline.

If you are going to make the skin such packs once a week, you will be able to improve its tone, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.

Prepare two basin of water is one with the ice, the other with tolerable hot, and two sheets of a small size. Dip a towel in hot water, wring out and put on the decollete, hold for a few seconds to cool, then do the same with the other towel and cold water. Take alternating hot and cold compresses 10 times. Complete with a cool compress, and then apply a moisturizer with the effect of lifting.


Beauty treatments of wrinkles on the neckline

If wrinkles on the neck is already there and they are deep, you need to ask for help in a beauty parlor, because at this stage firming creams don’t work, given the age and particular skin type in this area of the body.

Aesthetic cosmetology offers many ways of intervention varying degrees of invasiveness to solve the problems of wrinkles in the neck. Usually rejuvenation neckline combine with the same procedures for the face and neck, but this is not always true, given that the skin on the neck is thinner and dry, while the skin can be thick and oily.

For rejuvenation in the neck, apply the following cosmetic procedures:

  • chemical peels are effective in the initial stages of aging, when things wrinkles in the cleavage area, but is well suited for General refresh skin and make it Shine;
  • injection techniques: mesotherapy (injection stimulating the skin vitamin “cocktails”), biorevitalization (hyaluronic acid injections);
  • laser rejuvenation – the impact of the laser beam, stimulating the fibroblasts that produce collagen;
  • photorejuvenation – impact flashes of pulsed light;
  • reinforcement – implantation threads for tightening the skin;
  • RF-lifting (radio frequency or lifting) is a modern alternative to surgical intervention, skin exposure to radio frequency radiation, which is converted into thermal energy and has a powerful impact on the deeper layers of the epidermis;
  • the cryo – effects on the skin with liquid nitrogen, causing vasoconstriction and stimulation of activity of the dermis.

This is the key used to date methods of rejuvenation cleavage. There are other, similar in principle impact. As a rule, independently, a woman cannot decide which method is right for her, so it is important to seek the advice of a competent professional.

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